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At the center of Coco Chanel’s 1932 Bijoux de Diamants jewelry collection is the Comète, a spectacular 649-diamond collar in the form of a shooting star. Despite its obvious opulence, a perfect purity of line keeps it from being flashy . . . and, moreover, makes it as chic today as it was way back when. At the opposite end of Mlle Chanel’s style spectrum is the humble Little Black Dress, as pure and simple and unostentatious as chic can be. Together, they epitomize Chanel’s unique blend of luxury and restraint—a potent dichotomy that has become a near-universal style template for women across the globe and down the decades. ‘A woman can be overdressed, never over-elegant,’ Coco herself once said.

Wise words, indeed! That quote comes directly from Voguepedia (fast becoming one of my favorite online fashion resources) which just released their page for CHANEL! Can’t wait to go explore, mes chéries….

XX Kathryn


18 thoughts on “chanel- voguepedia

  1. Gorgeous photo…. I remember writing on my blog a while back the Voguepedia was taking writers for their site. I totally forgot about them afterwards, and am so glad you wrote this. Now I want to check them out :)

    Thanks for coming by. Glad you like my blog.

    Love & Sparkles

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