POP pilates with cassey ho

Like many women, one of my New Year’s resolutions included choosing a fitness routine and sticking to it. Unfortunately, I have sworn off traditional sports like Tennis, Volleyball, and Swimming because my father was a bit overzealous in his coaching methods (understandably so, he was a former coach). That left me to find my own alternative of exercise, and while I walk around an hour each day to and from class– specific areas like my abs weren’t getting targeted.

It was then that I fell in love with Pilates. Yes, it burns– but I rationalize it to myself as a good kind of burn. Between school, an internship, this blog, and writing for the school’s fashion magazine I didn’t have the time or patience to attend an hour long class… and so I follow videos on Youtube! My favorite is Cassey Ho, of ogorgeous… she is gorgeous, upbeat, and fashionable! If you like Pilates, I highly reccomend checking her out…

XX Kathryn

p.s. oGorgeous has an online store that has some really cute bags and mat slings for carrying your yoga mats!


15 thoughts on “POP pilates with cassey ho

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