{vintage blouse, j.crew belt, express skirt, aldo shoes}

It’s times like these that I really wish I had a skilled photographer boyfriend. Or a better camera. As a college student living with five other girls, the best I can do is ask one of my room mates to snap some some quick shots on the way to class! I am curious, ladies… who takes your photos? And how long did it take you to invest in a nice Cannon/Nikon camera (if ever)? Any advice would be appreciated!

XX Kathryn


25 thoughts on “peplum&lace

    1. I feel so bad because I just got my last one a year ago :( But that was before I started blogging, and now the quality doesn’t seem sharp enough!

      XX K

  1. hi dear, you are so pretty! i love reading your blog and your lace blouse is just so adorable. you look so classy and your shoes are simply chic!
    yeah i want a DSLR camera too (i want canon 550D) but i dont have enough money to buy it. some photos on my blog taken by my boyfriend. he is not a photographer, he uses my digital camera. my digital camera is sony cybershot. sometimes i use tripod to take pictures by myself when my boyfriend is not around. DSLR camera is very very very expensive in my country and i hope this year i can buy it!
    dear, if you dont mind, would you like to follow each other? i will very glad if you dont mind.
    sweet candy less sugar


    ps: im sorry for my terrible grammar, dear…

  2. Not only did I invest in a camera for myself, but I ultimately ended up investing in a photography class for myself as well. If you are still in school, I say sign up for one as an elective while you can. Then I get my camera and set the settings and direct whoever is taking the images from the other side. It is a hassle at times, but it works. Not to mention I have developed a new hobby!

    Good luck to you!

  3. You look amazing, I’m loving your shoes right now! My husband use to take my photos but sometimes I work better with the selftimer, lol. He gave me a Nikon last year looking how I struggled to take good shots with my very old camera. Anyway your photos are lovely and you look stunning.


  4. You don’t need as skilled boyfriend, in photography i mean lol…You need good lenses. You could get a dslr with 500 euros that will perfectly do your job…maybe a birthday present???

  5. Love the lace top with the skirt, your belt just tops it all off. As for the camera, I have a hybrid it’s the Nikon p90x, and I love it. I actually got it for a Christmas gift after waiting for two years. My little sister takes all of my shot, just cause she loves me so much! Have you tried shooting outside, I find that helps a lot with my photos.


    1. I just tried shooting outside for my last group of photos- it made SUCH a difference, thank you! When I’m at home, my little sister likes taking my photos too :)

      XX Kathryn

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