gabrielle ‘coco’ chanel’s apartment

While Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s legacy is admittedly huge, it is rare that one actually comes into contact with actual relics from her everyday life. That is why I find her apartment– located on 31 Rue Cambon, Paris– so astounding. It is one of the few enchanting remainders of Coco left, and while it is not decked out solely in the classic black and white one would expect– it aptly shows that Karl Lagerfeld closely channels classic CHANEL in his latest India-inspired collection. Je suis enchantée, et vous?

XX Kathryn


hamish bowles apartments, paris&new york

{via: consider yourself at home}

I believe that a woman uses style to illustrate how she wishes her identity to be seen the world. But the interior of her apartment is far more revealing as to the hidden, inner workings of her character. Take Hamish Bowles‘ (European Editor at large for Vogue) apartment, for example. Books stacked to the ceilings, memento’s slipped haphazardly into the frames of a mirror, bright and colorful furniture mingled throughout the house among more austere pieces. Clearly, this interior indicates a psyche of some interest. When–if— I live to be his age I wish to have a home as chaotic, excessive, and impeccably styled as that of Hamish Bowles…

XX Kathryn