let us go then, you and i…

{forever21 dress, j.crew belt, forever21 necklace, steve madden pumps, longchamp bag}

Today my roommate, Christine, and I went to the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. I got two really cute rings from Charlotte Russe–can’t wait to show you!–and she found a really cute pencil skirt for work. They have the biggest Forever21 I have ever seen there–it is two stories tall and has atleast 7 different sections on each floor! They even have a beauty room, children’s section, and gift shop. Oddly enough, I didn’t find anything there that I liked. I am on the hunt for a really cute faux fur jacket, any suggestions of where to find one? I was thinking Nordstrom’s…

XX Kathryn



{forever21 dress, j.crew sequin clutch, steve madden heels}

Tonight I’m going out for and drinks with my room mate Christine… I will introduce you to her later, I promise. I am feeling like getting sushi and going sake bombing is in order– the good thing about college towns is they usually have really great happy hour specials. It might mean I have plebian tastes but I can never really taste the difference between expensive sushi and the kind I usually get. To me, California rolls are great every time!

I realize that it’s a Monday, but three-day weekends always tempt me to treat the entire week as though it’s a holiday…

XX Kathryn

gold sequins

{forever21 cardigan, express necklace, express bracelet, h&m jeans, charlotte russe booties}

Getting ready to go out for dinner and drinks with with my friend Eyhdon. Somehow it feels like a Friday even though it’s just a Tuesday, so I am going to treat it as though it is! The sequin cardigan will be vastly out of place at the a sports bar– but in my opinion, standing out is never a bad thing. And I can never resist anything with sequins. That, and red nail polish always seem to brighten up my day.

I just turned so 21– okay, in September– so I’m relatively new to the whole bar scene and never know what to order so I usually stick with a boring rum & coke… any suggestions for an interesting drink to order?

XX Kathryn