the “almost” bob


Call me crazy, but recently I have struck by the urge to chop off all of my hair. Sometime shortly after turning 23 (quarter-life crisis?) my long locks started to feel more like I was trying to be a “Real Housewife” than the chic look I aspired towards.

While I wish I had the courage to chop it all off like Keira Knightley. I know that I will have to take it in babyyy steps. I probably won’t even have the courage to go for the shoulder-skimming bob à la Emily Blunt. So I think I’ll have to settle for the non-committal “midi” adopted by Jane Birkin, which is still probably considered long by some, but I think the blunt-cut makes it look modern enough to still be relevant. If only I were brave enough for the bangs…



What’s your hair thresh-hold? How short are you willing to chop your locks?

XX Kat


je t’aime moi non plus

On this day in 1946, Jane Mallory Birkin was born– one of my favorite style and beauty icons of all time. With her timeless elegance, coquettishness, and natural approach to beauty it is no surprise that one of the most iconic handbags of all time– “The Birkin” by Hermès– was inspired by her. Bon anniversaire, Jane!

xx Kathryn