let us go then, you and i…

{forever21 dress, j.crew belt, forever21 necklace, steve madden pumps, longchamp bag}

Today my roommate, Christine, and I went to the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. I got two really cute rings from Charlotte Russe–can’t wait to show you!–and she found a really cute pencil skirt for work. They have the biggest Forever21 I have ever seen there–it is two stories tall and has atleast 7 different sections on each floor! They even have a beauty room, children’s section, and gift shop. Oddly enough, I didn’t find anything there that I liked. I am on the hunt for a really cute faux fur jacket, any suggestions of where to find one? I was thinking Nordstrom’s…

XX Kathryn


prints by caitlin mcgauley

My grandmother, who is an astounding artist, told me that when she turned 18 she packed up her bags out of St. Paul, Minnesota and took the first flight she could to New York City in order to become a fashion illustrator. Though her dreams were thwarted by the onset of WW1, her love of fashion illustration lives on through me.

Unfortunately… I am not artistically gifted myself, but one of my favorite illustrators is Caitlin McGauley. Caitlin has a wonderful store in which you can buy her prints, she has also been featured in places such as Lonny Magazine (an exquisite online interior design magazine.) She does the most stunning watercolors of whatever happens to inspire her, whether it be a Kate Spade shop, or a beautiful portrait of Tory Burch. I recommend checking her out immediately!

XX Kathryn